Papercuts 2014!

Blog, Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures | August 15, 2014

Papercuts 2014 is here! Check it out at the Cardboard Warriors Forum. Here is our submission for the Papercraft Mixed Media category. Barbarians are attacking a cultist mountain stronghold! Check out the submission page for component details. The diorama includes models by Brave Adventures, Dave Graffam and Sanity Studios.

Beastmen Warband Released!

Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures | August 2, 2014

Beastmen Warband

They’re here, and they are hungry for man-flesh! Download The Beastmen now! You can find them at Brave Adventures and RPGNow!

Okumarts Kickstarter Trailer

Blog, News | July 1, 2014

A fellow papercraft miniature publisher and Cardboard Warrirors Forum denizen Okumarts is planning to launch a Kickstarter in July. Check out the trailer:

The Possessed Warband Released!

Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures, Papercraft | June 23, 2014

Possessed Preview

The Dark Rites have been performed! The End is coming! Download The Possessed now! You can find them at Brave Adventures and RPGNow!

Undead Warband Preview

News | June 22, 2014


The vampire lords and their minions are still on the loose! Download them now at Brave Adventures and RPGNow!


Lord Zsezse Elven Papercraft Kickstarter

News, Papercraft | June 2, 2014

Papercraft publisher Lord Zsezse just started a Kickstarter for a Elven Papercraft set. Check it out! We’re backing it and you should too! You can also grab their other models at RPGNow.

Undead Warband Released!

Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures | May 31, 2014

Undead Rising

The dead are rising! You can find them at Brave Adventures and RPGNow. The warband includes 10 miniatures, cutfiles, bases and a tutorial!


News |

We are going to start undergoing some renovations here. We want to bring you the best miniatures we can. So we have temporarily removed our older sets for download.
We want to improve the quality of our older sets and add cutfiles. If you purchased a set previously you should still be able to download it from your Purchase History. You will also get any updates for free as they are re-released. If you have any questions or troubles please contact us at

Cardboard Warriors Forum Hoard 114

Blog, News, Paper Miniatures | March 10, 2014

Cardboard Warriors Forum HoardA hooded fighter by Brave Adventures joins the February Cardboard Warriors Forum Hoard. The free download includes Droogs, a Wraith Rider by OneMonk, the villains from Big Trouble in Little China, and Mad Max. The miniatures are designed by members of the Cardboard Warriors forum. Cutfiles for automated cutting machines are also included in the download.

Get it here and enjoy!

A Dwarf Army Prepares for Battle

Blog, News | March 7, 2014


A dwarf army prepares for battle. Gaston Genser’s Dwarf is acting as a Thane and leading a unit of Ironhelm warriors into battle. We are on the testing stages of a 3D Dwarf Cannon model, and a unit of thunderers is in the process of being finished up. We are also starting work on some Dwarf Beserkers.