Sea Creatures Released!

Blog, Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures | January 21, 2017

Sea Creatures Cover SmallJOur Sea Creatures set is online and available at Brave Adventures and RPGNow. It includes 15 unique sea creatures with original front and back art. This set was produced for Antimatter Games’ DeepWars expansion, Blood Reef. DeepWars is based on the award-winning Song of Blades and Heroes rules system by Ganesha Games. This set is meant to represent the wild sea creatures that players can encounter in Blood Reef scenarios.

Orc Warriors Released!

Blog, Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures | December 16, 2016


We have collaborated with 8Rad Games to release a set of 10 Orc Warriors including a champion, banner and musician! You can find it at Brave Adventures and RPGNow.


Papercuts 2016 – Jungle Fighters

Blog, Modern, News, Paper Miniatures | August 23, 2016


Here is our submission for the 2016 Papercuts Awards! You can download them for free from here. The Papercuts are an online community event at the Cardboard Warriors Forum that encourages people of all ages and skill levels to participate in papercraft. This set includes 6 Jungle Fighters with unique front and back art.

Latest Sea Creature Preview

Blog, News | August 2, 2016


Here is the latest preview for our sea creature set that we are making for AntiMatter Games Deep Wars expansion Blood Reef. The finished set will have 15 creatures that you can add as random encounters to your Deep Wars scenarios.

Grimoire Generator Released!

Blog, Generators, News | July 17, 2016


The Grimoire Generator is a free Dungeon Master tool to help you generate titles for magical or esoteric texts. There are options for generating prices and rarity based on the D&D 3.5 system resource document spell list, and an option for including cosmically horrific descriptions. You can even search the library with your own custom locations or topics. Please use the books you generate however you like!

If you generate any gems, or if you have any feedback, requests or suggestions, leave them in the comments section at the bottom of the generator page.

Teaming up with Mayhem in Paper!

Blog, Modern, News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | June 25, 2016


We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Mayhem in Paper to bring you the Terra Force: Urban Ops Team! You can find them on their download page here.

Mayhem in Paper is the owner of the One Monk Miniatures brand. You can find more of their products at and RPGNow.

Free Download Pigmi Games’ Merlom Warriors

Blog, Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures | June 5, 2016


The Merlom Warriors have crawled out of the sea to pillage the land. You can download them for free now. Just log in, and go to the Free Downloads section in the sidebar. This set is only available at Brave Adventures.

It’s beginning to look a lot like fishmen!

This set is a collaboration between Mayhem in Paper and Pigmi Games. The original miniatures were done by Jim Hartman and can be found at The original art was used with permission and modified by Aaron Hopkins.

Mayhem in Paper Promo-sm

Pigmi Games’ Products Now Available

Blog, Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures | May 31, 2016


Our friends over at Pigmi Games will now be releasing their products on Brave Adventures. We are going through their sets one-by-one, and adding some improvements to make them easier to use with automated-cutting machines. We will also be bringing out some of their unreleased sets soon, as well as some special free downloads.


The first set they are releasing with us is the Splinterwood Archers. One of the most deadly predators of the Splinterwoods is the Splinter Archer. A sisterhood bent on protecting the Splinterwoods. Young elf maidens are inducted as soon as they show any skill with the bow. Once they are inducted, they are Splinter Archers for life and will proudly brandish the Charin bows made from the twisted branches of the Charin tree, the strongest wood in the known world.

Red Markets Kickstarter

Blog, Kickstart, News | May 30, 2016

Hey, this is Ryan and I just want to share a Kickstarter with you that we are super excited about backing, Red Markets by Caleb Stokes.

Red Markets is a game of economic horror set in a zombie apocalypse. The world has ended but the rent is still due. Play as a taker fighting for survival in The Loss, a vast area of the U.S. abandoned to the zombie blight. Every mechanic drives the story forward, and forces the players to pay to survive. If you’re lucky, you just might make enough to bribe your way out, and retire in the safe zone.

If you want an idea what the game is like before backing it, the Role Playing Public Radio Actual Plays of the game are the best game sessions we have ever heard!

Seriously guys, go check this game out!

Caleb Stokes is a talented RPG writer who has also written the No Soul Left Behind campaign for the super villain RPG, Better Than Angels.

Why are you still reading? Go back Red Markets already!

Blood Reef Update: 3

Blog, News | May 27, 2016

Sharptooth_DolphinThe Sharptooth Dolphin above is another of the 15 sea creatures that will be included in our set for AntiMatter Games’ Blood Reef Kickstarter! Hilariously, our website is currently showing at the top of Google for the search term “Sharptooth Dolphin”!