Papercuts 2016 – Jungle Fighters

Blog, Modern, News, Paper Miniatures | August 23, 2016


Here is our submission for the 2016 Papercuts Awards! You can download them for free from here. The Papercuts are an online community event at the Cardboard Warriors Forum that encourages people of all ages and skill levels to participate in papercraft. This set includes 6 Jungle Fighters with unique front and back art.

New Terra Force: Auxiliary Troops!

Modern, News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | July 1, 2016


Mayhem in Paper has added another great set to our paper miniatures catalogue: The Terra Force Auxiliary Troops! This set includes 2 Snipers, 2 Scouts, 2 Commanders, 2 Medics, 1 Com-link, 1 Demolitions specialist and 1 NCO Officer. There are also four color options to match the Urban Ops miniatures released last week.

Teaming up with Mayhem in Paper!

Blog, Modern, News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | June 25, 2016


We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Mayhem in Paper to bring you the Terra Force: Urban Ops Team! You can find them on their download page here.

Mayhem in Paper is the owner of the One Monk Miniatures brand. You can find more of their products at and RPGNow.

Another Preview!

Modern, News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | March 20, 2013


Here is another preview of the upcoming cyber punk, sci-fi, modern set. The set will be ready by April 7th. The minis are finished, we are just working on the layout and some other elements.

Coming Soon!

Modern, News, Paper Miniatures | March 14, 2013


Here is a preview of something in the works. Expect a set soon with 8-10 minis, and rules and supplements for a skirmish game.

New Release! Punks!

Modern, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | January 10, 2013


Oy! They’re here and they’re cheap! One badass gang of anti-authority, shotgun wielding anarchists, just waiting to terrorize the streets and underworld of your favorite Modern, Cyberpunk or Sci-Fi themed game. Cheap thugs hired by the local mob boss? Rival gangs waging war on the streets of a dark metropolis? Guarding a warehouse filled with black market firearms or narcotics? Whatever nefarious business you have in mind, these guys are down for the job.

Check them out! Only $1 on Brave Adventures and