New Terra Force: Heavy Weapons Troops!

News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | November 7, 2016


Mayhem in Paper has added another great set to our paper miniatures catalogue: The Terra Force Heavy Weapons Troops! This set includes Heavy Flamer, Nitro Cannon, Heavy Plasma Gun, Laser Cannon, Rotary Cannon, Missile Launcher and Auto Cannon.

New Terra Force: Auxiliary Troops!

Modern, News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | July 1, 2016


Mayhem in Paper has added another great set to our paper miniatures catalogue: The Terra Force Auxiliary Troops! This set includes 2 Snipers, 2 Scouts, 2 Commanders, 2 Medics, 1 Com-link, 1 Demolitions specialist and 1 NCO Officer. There are also four color options to match the Urban Ops miniatures released last week.

Teaming up with Mayhem in Paper!

Blog, Modern, News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | June 25, 2016


We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Mayhem in Paper to bring you the Terra Force: Urban Ops Team! You can find them on their download page here.

Mayhem in Paper is the owner of the One Monk Miniatures brand. You can find more of their products at and RPGNow.

Beast of Kronos Free Sample Released!

Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | April 3, 2016

KS-Promo-bThe Beast of Kronos is now available as a free download from Brave Adventures and RPGNow!

The Blood Reef Kickstarter is still underway, so go check it out while you can! You’ll be able to get the Sea Creatures paper miniature set for free when you back the campaign at $45 or more!

Here is a list of miniatures that will be included in the set:

Beast of Kronos (Kronosaurus) – 160 mm with a base 80mm long and 50mm wide.

Blacktip Whaler Shark (reef Shark) – 40mm long, 10-15mm tall. base 30mm

Euripterid Sea Scorpion – 60mm long (full length). base 50mm

Giant Devilfish (huge Pacific octopus) – maybe 80mm wide, 50mm base.

Giant Marine Crocodile (giant saltwater croc) – 150 mm with a base 80mm long and 50mm wide.

Gray Pointer Shark (great white shark – mixed with bull shark) – 100 mm long, base 50mm

Leviathan Shark (whale shark) – 150mm long, base 80mm long and 50mm wide.

Lion’s Mane Jelly (as the name) – 80mm tall and thick, on a 40mm base.

Orthocone (as the name) – Long and skinny – 120 mm length, 50mm base

Razor-Jaw Fish-Lizard (plesiosaur) 80mm long 40mm base

Ravenous Cordoba Squid (Humboldt squid) 40mm long, 30mm base

Ridgehead Leviathan (Sperm Whale) – curved so not too big 225 mm long, base 110 mm long and 60 mm wide.

Sharptooth Dolphin – 40mm long, 30mm base

Sharptooth Dolphin Pack Leader – 45mm long, 30mm base

Stonebreaker Crab – 60mm wide, 50mm base.

Runner Preview

News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | August 15, 2013

Runner Preview

The Fantasy Cyberpunk preview has been revised to include human skin tones. You can download it here.

You can download the original Green Skin Orc preview here.

Orc Runner

News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | August 12, 2013

Our webmaster is currently enjoying Shadowrun Returns on PC, so when someone at the Cardboard Warriors Foum requested Shadowrun themed minis he decided to give it a shot. Here is our first recruit. We’d like to include him in a larger set in the future, but in the meantime you can download a preview here with a couple re-colours and included bases. Orc Runner

New Release! Odin’s Guard!

News, Sci-Fi | June 26, 2013

odins-guard-coverDeep in the wilds of distant space, Odin’s Guard stands as the thin wall between the enemies of man and civilization. Will they hold?

These minis are designed to be compatible with spacefaring, futuristic and sci-fi themed RPG rule systems and table top games like Warhammer 40k or Necromunda. Our webmaster’s cyberpunk RPG group has actually been using them as corporate mercenaries. One sheet of them can also make a decent Warhammer 40k squad for the financially impaired.

This set features a squad of Odin’s Guard space soldiers, including 5 veterans, flamethrowers, and heavy bolters.

Pay What You Want and Download them now at !

Another Preview!

Modern, News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | March 20, 2013


Here is another preview of the upcoming cyber punk, sci-fi, modern set. The set will be ready by April 7th. The minis are finished, we are just working on the layout and some other elements.

New Release! Punks!

Modern, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | January 10, 2013


Oy! They’re here and they’re cheap! One badass gang of anti-authority, shotgun wielding anarchists, just waiting to terrorize the streets and underworld of your favorite Modern, Cyberpunk or Sci-Fi themed game. Cheap thugs hired by the local mob boss? Rival gangs waging war on the streets of a dark metropolis? Guarding a warehouse filled with black market firearms or narcotics? Whatever nefarious business you have in mind, these guys are down for the job.

Check them out! Only $1 on Brave Adventures and