Beast of Kronos Free Sample


Beast of Kronos

We are teaming up with AntiMatter Games to bring you a set of sea creatures for their DeepWars expansion, Blood Reef. The Beast of Kronos is the first miniature from this set. DeepWars is based on the award-winning Song of Blades and Heroes rules system by Ganesha Games. Back Blood Reef now on Kickstarter and pick up some beautifully hand-cast metal models.


Why Paper Miniatures

Paper miniatures are perfect for Table-Top Gamers on a budget and should work well with other miniatures in 28-32mm scales.

Assembling an army using paper miniatures is faster, easier, and cheaper than using plastic or pewter miniatures. And your forces will look much better than an unpainted army.


This set and all bases include cutfiles for automated cutting machines. The PDF includes registration marks on separate layers for Cameo and SD cutters.

Cutting Tutorial

This set includes a simple-to-follow Cutting Tutorial with photos for people cutting by hand. The miniatures in the photo above were cut by hand using a hobby knife.

Cutting Tutorial