Orc Warriors



10 Unique Orc Warriors with Front & Back Art

Including Champion, Banner and Musician

Why Paper Miniatures

Paper miniatures are perfect for Table-Top Gamers on a budget and should work well with other miniatures in 28-32mm scales.

Assembling an army using paper miniatures is faster, easier, and cheaper than using plastic or pewter miniatures. And your forces will look much better than an unpainted army.

3 Base Options

This set includes 3 base options:

  • 25mm Round Bases
  • 25mm Square Unit Bases in rows of 8.
  • 20mm Square Unit Bases in rows of 10.

Note: Our Unit bases work very well for creating units of miniatures. Each base section is offset to allow for easy overlap.


This set and all bases include cut-files for automated cutting machines. The PDF includes registration marks on separate layers for Cameo and SD cutters.

Cutting Tutorial

This set includes a simple-to-follow Cutting Tutorial with photos for people cutting by hand. The miniatures in the photo above were cut by hand using a hobby knife.

Cutting Tutorial