Pigmi Games Merlom Warriors

Merlom-PreviewMerlom Warriors

This set is a collaboration between Mayhem in Paper and Pigmi Games. The original miniatures were done by Jim Hartman and can be found at OneMonk.com The original art was used with permission and modified by Aaron Hopkins.

What’s Included?

  • -3 Merlom Warriors with unique front and back art (6 mirrored).
  • -1 Merlom Brute with unique front and back art and 60mm round base.
  • -A cutfile for automated cutting machines.
  • -A cutting tutorial with tips for those cutting by hand.

Pigmi Games

Pigmi Games makes hand-drawn, double-sided, 30mm scale paper miniatures that are suitable for any fantasy RPG or skirmish gaming table!

Immerse yourself in a world where anything is possible and adventure waits around every corner. Splinterwood is Pigmi Games’ magical, high-fantasy setting of amazing adventures and thrilling exploration. Battle dragons,explore the deepest oceans, conquer the darkest dungeons, and command vast armies. Delve into the world of Splinterwood.

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