Papercut Awards 2013!

Blog, News | September 10, 2013

Congratulations everyone who participated in the 2013 Papercut Awards! There were lots of great entries for every category. We didn’t win anything this round, but our Mage figure by Gaston came in 3rd. Look out for it soon in an upcoming bandit set. Also available soon are our collection of Shadowrun inspired mini’s drawn by Ryan.

Warehouse Redacted

The winner of the diorama category was dcbradshaw, with this amazing Stargate inspired diorama, Warehouse Redacted, featuring paper models by a number of artists and publishers including One Monk’s Terra Force: Basic Troops now available by Mayhem in Paper. Dcbradshaw received a several prizes for his diorama including $10 in RPGNow credit donated by us and a custom miniature designed by us. He is still decided what he wants for the custom mini.

One of our favorite models from the competition, MadArchitect’s Mercenary Veuglaire is now available at Check it out!