Red Markets Kickstarter

Blog, Kickstart, News | May 30, 2016

Hey, this is Ryan and I just want to share a Kickstarter with you that we are super excited about backing, Red Markets by Caleb Stokes.

Red Markets is a game of economic horror set in a zombie apocalypse. The world has ended but the rent is still due. Play as a taker fighting for survival in The Loss, a vast area of the U.S. abandoned to the zombie blight. Every mechanic drives the story forward, and forces the players to pay to survive. If you’re lucky, you just might make enough to bribe your way out, and retire in the safe zone.

If you want an idea what the game is like before backing it, the Role Playing Public Radio Actual Plays of the game are the best game sessions we have ever heard!

Seriously guys, go check this game out!

Caleb Stokes is a talented RPG writer who has also written the No Soul Left Behind campaign for the super villain RPG, Better Than Angels.

Why are you still reading? Go back Red Markets already!