Red Markets Kickstarter

Blog, Kickstart, News | May 30, 2016

Hey, this is Ryan and I just want to share a Kickstarter with you that we are super excited about backing, Red Markets by Caleb Stokes.

Red Markets is a game of economic horror set in a zombie apocalypse. The world has ended but the rent is still due. Play as a taker fighting for survival in The Loss, a vast area of the U.S. abandoned to the zombie blight. Every mechanic drives the story forward, and forces the players to pay to survive. If you’re lucky, you just might make enough to bribe your way out, and retire in the safe zone.

If you want an idea what the game is like before backing it, the Role Playing Public Radio Actual Plays of the game are the best game sessions we have ever heard!

Seriously guys, go check this game out!

Caleb Stokes is a talented RPG writer who has also written the No Soul Left Behind campaign for the super villain RPG, Better Than Angels.

Why are you still reading? Go back Red Markets already!

Geek Dad: Papercraft Wizards & Cardboard Warriors

Blog, News | April 25, 2016

geekdadWe were featured in an article on Geek Dad written by the wonderful James Floyd Kelly! The article is about paper-craft, parenting and the supportive community at Cardboard Warriors. It includes a discount code for the website worth $5, and also features OkumArts and Grey Matter Games! So head over there now and enjoy the read!

Beast of Kronos Free Sample Released!

Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures, Sci-Fi | April 3, 2016

KS-Promo-bThe Beast of Kronos is now available as a free download from Brave Adventures and RPGNow!

The Blood Reef Kickstarter is still underway, so go check it out while you can! You’ll be able to get the Sea Creatures paper miniature set for free when you back the campaign at $45 or more!

Here is a list of miniatures that will be included in the set:

Beast of Kronos (Kronosaurus) – 160 mm with a base 80mm long and 50mm wide.

Blacktip Whaler Shark (reef Shark) – 40mm long, 10-15mm tall. base 30mm

Euripterid Sea Scorpion – 60mm long (full length). base 50mm

Giant Devilfish (huge Pacific octopus) – maybe 80mm wide, 50mm base.

Giant Marine Crocodile (giant saltwater croc) – 150 mm with a base 80mm long and 50mm wide.

Gray Pointer Shark (great white shark – mixed with bull shark) – 100 mm long, base 50mm

Leviathan Shark (whale shark) – 150mm long, base 80mm long and 50mm wide.

Lion’s Mane Jelly (as the name) – 80mm tall and thick, on a 40mm base.

Orthocone (as the name) – Long and skinny – 120 mm length, 50mm base

Razor-Jaw Fish-Lizard (plesiosaur) 80mm long 40mm base

Ravenous Cordoba Squid (Humboldt squid) 40mm long, 30mm base

Ridgehead Leviathan (Sperm Whale) – curved so not too big 225 mm long, base 110 mm long and 60 mm wide.

Sharptooth Dolphin – 40mm long, 30mm base

Sharptooth Dolphin Pack Leader – 45mm long, 30mm base

Stonebreaker Crab – 60mm wide, 50mm base.

Blood Reef Kickstarter

Blog, Fantasy, News, Paper Miniatures, Papercraft | March 22, 2016

We are teaming up with AntiMatter Games to create a set of sea creatures for their DeepWars expansion, Blood Reef. The first set will be unlocked at the $14,000 mark and it includes 15 shallow shelf sea creatures, such as the Beast of Kronos pictured below.

KS-Promo-bDeepWars is based on the award-winning Song of Blades and Heroes rules system by Ganesha Games.

Mission Accomplished!

Blog, News | February 15, 2016

$4798.10 Raised for Charity!

Hello everyone,

Our charity campaign to support CARE’s Syrian refugee relief efforts has just ended and I want to give a special thank you to all the amazing publishers who contributed!

Thank you OkumArts, Mayhem in Paper, Pigmi Games, Grey Matter Games, Kev’s Lounge, McNabb Games, and Inked Adventures! You are all amazing!

With the Canadian government matching donations, we have raised an astounding $4798.10!

I’m really proud of everyone for making this happen!

Thank you for helping us do something good with this hobby,

Brave Adventures

RPGNow Christmas In July Sale!

Blog, News | July 25, 2015

christmas-beastman-posterAll our sets are 25% off on RPGNow!

This is our first sale in over a year, and we don’t plan to do another one for a while. So if you’ve been waiting for our prices to go down, now’s your chance!

Head over to RPGNow and take a look!