12626005_1541136932865309_172167775_n McNabb Games Is a gaming and entertainment company that makes card games, role-playing games and role-playing supplements like maps.

12596108_1541136936198642_627025311_nInked Adventures Offers a wonderful collection of hand-drawn top-down maps and grids for role-playing games.

12516363_1541136929531976_1826538163_nOkumArts Is a prolific paper miniatures and print and play game publisher. Their games include Darkfast Dungeons, Save The Day, and Katana School Girls versus Zombie Furries.

12583687_1541141819531487_601122057_nMayhem in Paper Offers a great range of paper miniatures and steam powered paper-craft war machines. They also offer complete army sets for both Fantasy and Sci-Fi games.

12607175_1541140016198334_1332721309_nKev’s Lounge Has a great collection of beautifully designed paper miniatures products as well as a range of dungeon furniture and other paper craft props.

12646976_534326253436094_4635838740229611623_nPigmi Games Offers dragons, dryads and a host of other paper miniatures sets.


Grey Matter Games Is a print and play game and paper miniatures publisher. Check out their Deadly Missions game.

One Monk Paper Miniatures One Monk Produces a wide range of Paper Miniatures and Paper Miniature products which are compatible with our own miniatures.

Dave Graffam Models Some of the best printable paper models available anywhere!

Dramascape These guys offer a huge selection of CG based tiles and maps. Some are even available as Print on Demand products.

Cardboard Warriors Forum The best paper miniature community on the internet. Tons of free miniatures and great discussion boards!


Frugal GM A role-playing blog with useful resources for GM’s. You can also check their stuff out on DriveThruRPG.